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Thread of Life is a Women Empowerment project that was birthed from the realization that any goal of long term sustainability or restoration for the people of Uganda must begin with the family unit. Preventing parents from abandoning their children in the first place; encouraging, empowering, and lifting up parents to take ownership and responsibility for their children, and providing the tools necessary to combat poverty, so that, together, they may have a chance for a brighter future.

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About Thread of Life Ministry

Who We Are

Thread of Life is a Women Empowerment project that aims at Encouraging, Empowering and Lifting women so that they achieve their goals in life.

What We Do

We provide a safe and secure environment that helps to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health of vulnerable women.

Where We Work

We operate in Uganda (East-Africa) for now empower the Vulnerable women with skills for survival and realization of their dreams.

Projects At Thread of Life

Our projects are geared towards improving the lives of the vulnerable women in our community.

Community Outreach Development

This Project is aimed at supporting and addressing the vulnerabilities of the women in Katanga and the surrounding areas.

Guidance, Counseling and Life Skills Training

This Project is aimed at promoting the emotional and spiritual health of the women in our community.


Savings circles were created to stop a begging mentality and encourage our women to save 1000 SHS per week (about $0.30).

We Care

We Care is a new proposed outreach ministry where we will be visiting the different women that have gone through our program.

More Thread of Life Projects

Our Partners

Our unique collaborations with other organizations has helped us provide services and set up projects to assist the vulnerable women in our society.
Below are some of our partner organizations.

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