Project Overview

Thread of Life is a Women Empowerment project that was birthed from the realization that any goal of long term sustainability or restoration for the people of Uganda must begin with the family unit.

Preventing parents from abandoning their children in the first place; encouraging, empowering, and lifting up parents to take ownership and responsibility for their children, and providing the tools necessary to combat poverty, so that, together, they may have a chance for a brighter future.

This all begun by us showing up and building relationships in a local slum called Katanga, we also learned that most of our street children in our capital city Kampala are from the slums and the majority are being sent to the streets by their mothers to beg for food, some of these children had turned into young thugs and some are being killed in mob justice because of robbery, eventually the need arose to provide some job skills and training. From a small, rented, shop a few woman began practicing making paper beads and doing some basic tailoring.

Today this organisation is a full-fledged fashion design and production facility. Located just near to Katanga Slum and continues to host trainings and workshops for women and mothers in the slum. In addition to tailoring, we also host financial trainings and other social services.

This organisation has become our model of social business development and continues to be the primary resource for connecting with the vulnerable women from Katanga slum. In the future we hope to provide additional job training, counseling and mentorships so that every family in Katanga would have the opportunity to have a healthy life.

Our mission is to empower vulnerable women with emotional, physical, spiritual, and economic needs to have access to the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to better support them and keep their families together.

Today 367 women have benefited in our program and over 125 students have been taken off the streets back to school. Every year, we directly take on 30 Women for two intensive semesters, the sponsorship covers the annual tuition that includes class materials, meals, teacher salaries, baby seating and graduation fee.

We are having 35 registered children for the mothers who are not in school yet because we do not have sponsorship for them yet. We seek ongoing sponsorship for this project. While any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated, here are some suggested donations and how they would help the program.

$500 per year for each woman.
$50 sponsors a child per month, (a term has 4 Months)
$200 sponsors a child per term
$600 sponsors a child per year; this covers Feeding, scholastic materials, medical care, and education.

We invite you to bless a Woman today. Help sponsor her child in school, together let’s fight child desertion. Welcome as we rescue protect and equip. You are welcome to visit our organization at any time of the year. We are also looking for individuals who are ready to volunteer for the services involved in making this project a success.

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