Guidance,Counseling and Life Skills Training

One of our objectives is to promote the emotional and spiritual health of them women in our community. Our narrow focus is on vulnerable women, and many of them will benefit from guidance and counseling.

This is a proposed service that will help women learn to live with one another. Some of our women are former prostitutes and others have been abused by their husbands and as a result end up holding bitterness in their hearts.

They can become very hot tempered and end up fighting with one another. Guidance and counseling will help us limit such habits and also help develop confident strong-willed woman who can stand and present themselves in the public for any concern.

Women will be encouraged to attend a life-skills class offered by Scripture Union Uganda (SUU). The class is offered twice a year and by partnering with SUU we will increase the number of services available to our women.

The life-skills class will cover topics like self-awareness, empathy, skills of living with others, negotiation skills, interpersonal relationships, creative thinking, and decision-making, to name a few.

Goals and Expansions: Start a guidance and counseling program to serve the women as they address the painful consequences of their vulnerabilities, and partner with Scripture Union Uganda to make the life-skills class available to the women we work alongside.




We operate in Uganda (East-Africa) for now, empowering the Vulnerable women with skills for survival and realization of their dreams.


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