The Tailoring Project

Thread of Life undertakes classes and training to the women and girls in tailoring. Our Project currently helps women and girls to gain skills that will help them in realization of their dreams.

The products (clothes such as Shirts, Bags, Trousers, Scarfs, Shoes) they make are sold on both the local and international market.

On top of the tailoring classes offered locally at the Thread of Life premises, we normally get trainers from our sponsors to help the girls gain more skills due to the training offered.

This project has improved on the lives of the Women and girls as it is a income generating project for them in which in turn has also improved their cost of living in their homes and families and also put Thread of Life at the fore front in helping vulnerable women and girls through equipping them with life skills as well as a job Creation platform for them.




We operate in Uganda (East-Africa) for now, empowering the Vulnerable women with skills for survival and realization of their dreams.


Tel : +256 774 144692

Address : Wandegeya, Katanga
P.O. Box 6569,
Kampala - Uganda.

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